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20 Mar 2015

Mason Street, Mareeba

Good Afternoon Deb

How are you going?  Still working as hard as ever?

I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude
and heartfelt thanks for selling my property, formerly
owned by parents.

Your advertisement in the yellow pages was a treasured
find. Right from the beginning, you realized my emotional
attachment to this property...but you treated this with the
utmost respect and sensitivity, it deserved.

I really appreciated your upfront honesty and keeping me totally
informed of any developments, from every open - house, property
reports and internet interest through numerous e-mails texts and
phone calls.

Your best quality, is your personal attention to the sale of this
property...as I felt mine was the ONLY property you were handling
...when I know that you had at least a dozen on the go!!

 Again...many thanks for your exceptional service, professional
advice and hard work.

KIndest regards

Grace Parisi xx

Grace Parisi