08 Mar 2008

Red Ochre Street, Redlynch

Selling your first home is one of those major life events that many people will have to go through. For us it came sooner than we expected as we had to move to Brisbane for work. Our first home held a lot of memories and seeing two of our children come home from being born to its walls and all three children havinggrown up under it's roof. With all that emotion and it's importance within the scope of our little family's history, it all meant a lot to us coupled with the fact we knew nothing about selling houses. To be honest we were very nervous we had heard the usual horror stores about people selecting the wrong agent and all the pitfalls that come with these bad decisions. We decided to speak to friends and family and one name was suggested by many of the people we spoke to. Deborah Duffy. So we decided to talk to Deborah and it became evident from the outset that she understood what we were looking for and going through. Her professionalism and guidance from the beginning always gave us the reassurance of knowing we were being dealt with by people that cared about the sale of our home. We felt in control every step of the way being advised by Deborah about each event within the sales process coupled with open and honest advise of what to expect from the open home all the way through to the sale of our house. This made all the difference. It turned the selling of our home into a comfortable process with the reassurance that we were in control and Deborah placed the importance of the sale of our first property as highly as we did. So why would we recommend Deborah Duffy - as a first time seller we wanted confidence in the business dealing with our home sale, that she saw the sale as important as we did and finally to feel in control and informed every step of the process. Deborah was always available to talk to us and only too happy to discuss issues we thought were relevant. We commend her to you and believe the sale of your home is in safe hands dealing with this great agent!

Graham & Rebecca Thomas