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18 Aug 2014

Sycamore Close, Redlynch

Recently Deborah Duffy was the real estate agent responsible for the selling of my late brother's house.  From the outset, Deborah was someone to rely on to see our way forward after the bereavement in the family.  We were based in Brisbane and it was comforting to know everything was well in hand so far from home. 

In the months prior to sale, Deborah provided invaluable advice in order to prepare the house for sale.  This included sourcing best quotes for work on the property, liaising with tradespeople and organising maintenance, as needed. Consequently the house, yard and pool all presently beautifully.  Deborah in her own friendly manner showed many prospective buyers through the house and followed up all leads of those who showed an interest. She was often working after hours even when she was under the weather herself, diligently organising house inspection sand other relevant preparations relating to the property. 

Not surprisingly, due to Deborah's tireless efforts and professional approach the house sold quite quickly. This was after intelligent bargaining whilst at all times keeping us informed of the current status.  In the end the house sold at a very favourable price. 

We are very fortunate that Deborah was able to handle this very big project as she did such a wonderful job. We regard her as trustworthy and a woman of integrity.  We would highly recommend her as a real estate agent. 

Austin & Anne Skinner